Jan 14, 2010

what happened?

Just few weeks, there was someone who followed my blog that' I didn't really like about her/his blogs topics. It was not only my blog who's she/he following up to but also my friend Tejan.

So me and Tejan tried our best to delete of block his/her blog from our followers. We successfully blocked that particular blog but Tejan told me that she could still see it from her computer.

Just today, I opened my blog from my friend’s computer and tejan was right. That blog that we didn't want to expose in our followers was still there so I did my best to block it and I did.

What happened now? I really wonder because I have 166 followers. When I opened my blog into Internet Explorer, there are few person who I can view (upper picture) but when I opened my blog into Mozilla Firefox, those people that I can see from explorer are gone (lower picture). What’s the matter? Grrrr i get irritated...

What will I do? Anyone can tell me what's the matter of my blog follower?


David Funk said...

I'm not sure on this one, Jenny. Actually, I've never heard about something like this before.

Maybe contacting Google might be the best option or go directly to a forum to submit this to see if anyone can figure out.

I hope it works out for you my friend.


Naku picture ko yung nakikita ko sa lower side ah bakit anong problema jan anong picture ba diyan?

kung hindi maalis yung pic diyan try mo nlang i-delete yung buong widget niyan then mag install ka nlang uli ng bago tandaan mo nlang yung mga frenz mo diyan jen. naka blandra pa nman pic ko diyan waaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny,
hopefully everything is fine with you. It is indeed a mistery how this "blogspot world" works. With the hope that everything will turn out fine, I'd like to wish you all a wonderful Friday, hopefully not too cold ;)
p.s.: hope it wasn't me who you tried to block, as I admit to write about subjects, not to be the most usuals sometimes.

Risma Hutabarat said...

I'm using Mozilla Firefox right now, Jen. And I can still see the upper picture of your post. Complete until Kayeshane. Is it okay?

Which one of us that you really want to block anyway? Hope it's not me.. Lol


Lina Gustina said...

Jen, I've just known about this. Sorry I can't help...