Jan 26, 2010

fully loaded schedules

I posted here few weeks ago about my subjects in school and how disappointed i was. As I said I applied for 5 subjects but they just approved 3 subjects but the third one was no school or place for me. I really cried when I got letter from them stating the subjects that I should start the first week of our school.

Of course I started the 2 subjects and tried my best to applied more subjects. Before the last weekend ended, I got 3 letters from VUX (schools for adults) saying that I got all the remaining subjects, can start it and just follow the schedules. On the the same week, I got a letter in my third subject (that I haven’t place or school) saying also that I can start that subject in another schools.hahaha

Even if it was little bit late start, still I’m happy at least I got all the subjects and I have full time. I have more than their required points but I don’t want to drop any of my subjects even if I’m fully loaded the whole week.

So guys I ask an apology if I cannot visit you back directly. I'm trying my best to study well and get a higher grades. But I promise to visit you all as soon as I can have free time... happy blogging...

1 comment:

JENIE said...

jen, the impt thing is you are blessed enough to be able to go schooling when others are not ;)

keep it up! good luck!