Jan 20, 2010

planned vacation

As i posted yesterday, my husband will have his 2 weeks vacation in Philippines and due to my busy schedules in school, i cannot go with him.

Just last night also, we talked about our next vacation after his vacation in Philippines. I will be free from my school between May until first week of August.

We are planning to get married again before my next school term start. So as of now, we already planned which places to go. Paris is only one of those places and countries that we wants to go. And Paris is really what i want to go with since then.

Since we planned to go Paris, we already looked and inquired some Paris Hotels for our few weeks there. We are looking also for Hostel Booking for us to book earlier. We have already choices and likes..

Im sure it will be fun and exciting to go to some of the Romantic places in Paris...

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