Jan 25, 2010

banana cake

Yesterday was still very cold (until today) and as usual we're too lazy to go out and take a walk so instead, we just stayed at home, took a long bath and relaxed.
Around 15.oo I was about to prepare my husband's food for today. (He always has his own food at work). Then here he came and as usual talked and talked to me... he likes to just tease me or talk me anytime, anywhere or everywhere in the house...hahaha

Since he wants to just be beside me, I asked him to help me bake the banana cake since we both love it. So there it goes... we baked banana cake and prepared his food while chatted and teased each other.

He is our banana cake before and after. Thanks to tejan who gave me the recipe.

Happy Monday everyone!!!


Laikka said...

day off ko ron till tomorrow but la ko kaagwanta nag tan-aw sa imo banan kaka..weee!!! tsalap! grattis! you did it!

Me said...

nam nam oj...

Anonymous said...

What a joy to read in the middle of the night, while temperature reaches nearly zero degrees, outside.
A wonderful Tuesday for you all.

Risma Hutabarat said...

Looks yummy... You are a good cook. Send me some slices

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Riza said...

Awww, ang sarap naman!! May natira pa ba? :h: