Jan 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Every New Year, I used to have some new year’s resolutions. Last year I had few and almost all of them were successful but there are very few that until now I will wish and put to my 2010 new year’s resolutions.Here are some of my lists:

1. Sensitive - I do really must minimize my sensitiveness. I am a type of person that even just a simple word it makes me feels bad. That's why my hubby knows and always watches his words to me. Even if just a simple joke that even the person who makes it didn't even notice that it's hurting me.

2. Tearing eyes - yes I cry very, very, very fast. Same as number 1, just simple words or reasons but I feel it not too good, then here comes my bundle of tears...hahaha... Even just I’m watching some shows or films. If sad moment, I cry and if happy moment, I cry also. For instance, a group of players or single player and win the competitions. They're happy of course and I am also happy but with tears... kaloka di ba?

3. Wake up late - this is I must really change. We used to sleep early at night because my husband needs to wake up early to go to his work. After he left at work, I’ll be back to sleep and wake very late. It's unfair to him....huhuhuh

4. Organize - I am organizing person that even just a small thing, I want it into a place where it belong. But being organize is not really helping to me and my husband because he cannot find the things that he wanted and I cannot remember also where I put...

5. I must have enough self confidence
6. Believe in myself that I can handle things that I must

7. and more….

Those are some of my resolutions and some are little bit private matter so I don't need to write it here...hehehe. I hope I can do it and hold it for myself.


Me said...

nice to know it..wish you luck Jen...

nice layout daj

JETTRO said...

Hi jen
Sana sinulat mo ng lahat about ur self para malaman namin hehe tc/gb

Andrea said...

Hope you have a great New Year!!

PS: I have a prayer request on arise 2 write.