Jan 8, 2010

mama's celebrations

As I said, yesterday was my mama's 50th birthday and she doesn't know about her little surprise celebration.

When they woke up, it was just a normal day to them but Marlyn, Gina, Marlon, Annie and Marc has already planned on what to do.

Around noon, my cousin Ligaya and her UK’s friends called informing that they would come around 2pm. Without mama's knowledge everything was planned even Ligaya's presence.

Marlyn and Gina went out to buy pizza and my cousin brought Red Ribbon cake for mama. Then here they go. Mama was upstairs taking care of Gina's baby so of course they brought her down and sung a happy birthday songs and gave her gift.

Her gifts were a complete set of jewelry. She had complete jewelries last June but she was"nabudol budol gang",...huhuhu.

Thanks to all who are there beside mama who comfort, hugs, kisses, be there for her anytime, and made her cry yesterday for her surprise celebrations and for everything.

Mama, I’m very far from you but me and Lennart just here anytime you will need us. Dante is always there for you as well... We love you very much.

Here is their video singing birthday song to mama and of course their pictures...

Happy birthday again mama.

Singing brithday song

My ever loving mama
My family
Lovely smiles
Marlyn and Marlon with tearing eyes mama
Ps. Tomorrow will be the birthday of my brother Elezer and I will post it to my other blog. And on January 14 will be our "bunso" Annie and Marlyn's only son Marc birthdays.


Dhemz said...

wow! bibong bibo....ehhehe..alive na alive yung mga singers...ehehhe! belated happy birthday kay mama mo sis!

Laikka said...

hhahahh...ang saya saya..,baka ikaw naman jan iyak ng iyak kasi wala ka doon! heehe..imo mama kay in a 'no comment mode" smile lng sya but still we can see that she's surprised and so happy about it!..heheh! your mama doesn't look 50;) she looks younger than her age!

thanks for sharing:)good job children..aheheh!