Jan 20, 2010

CC #14: How Well Do We Know Each Other?

This week meme is about How Well Do We Know Each Other? And I’m excited about it…

Who I will start with? My husband’s words or mine? hmmp…

I think I’ll write first what my hubby’s revelations about me. And here are the things that he knows me well:

1. Perfectionist even if she's not really perfect...hahaha
2. Maarte when it comes to cleaning the house.
3. If we're at home looking at the mirror so often.
4. Blue and pink is her favorite colors. (obvious)
5. She's very talkative but with sense...
6. Love to sing and dance, ALONE.
7. Prepared my clothes to work, my food to work and my clothes to wear.
8. A perfect girl, friend, partner, wife and my love.

9. Sexy…..

Of course there also some that are little bit negative about me...these are the following;

1. I used to tell her about what are the things to use on that particular food, meat and vegetables but she always forgot.
2. She gets angry and cried very, very, very fast... Very sensitive and emotional...
3. Turning back on me if she doesn’t want to hear more about what I keep on telling her.
4. By answering, yes, ok or oo without any supporting sentence...
5. and more...more...and more...

All those things are really me. I agree all of those...hahaha

It’s my turn… These are the things that I know well about my husband...

1. Wearing only shorts when he's sleeping.
2. He hates the smell of vinegar, salted fish, and dried fish.
3. He loves to take a long hot bath and surf the net while bathing.
4. Chocolates are some of his favorite.
5. He use to read book before he will sleep

6. He cannot go out without his eyeglasses.
7. He doesn’t like to wear jeans. He likes soft and sporty pants.
8. He never use sugar to his coffee.
9. Love to eat chips or cheese curls while reading.
10. On his free days, he love to stay at home than to go out with friends.
11. He doesn’t like me wearing sexy clothes.
12. He's is jealousy but I love it.

13. He likes to travel…
14. A loving, generous, understandable, caring and my dream husband.
15. He is messy and lazy sometimes...(peace älskling)

These are only some of the things that I know about my partner. He have also some little bit negative things about himself but I can write it on some of my coming usual post.

Happy couple’s corner couples…


chubskulit said...

Messy is a word I give to my husband too hahaha. But I am glad that hubby don't complain about fish, gusto din kasi nya ang tinapa eh ..

We know each other so Well

Cecile said...

hahaha, my hubby doesn't like the smell of tuyo or any dried seafoods....

kakatawa mnaman hubby mo, kahit nasa bathtub nasa harap pa rin ng pc :-)

Mom of Four said...

Pano ba maligo ng nag sa surf sa net? Hahaha! Naku, hubby is messy rin. ayaw rin ni hubby ng tuyo, tinapa at lalong ayaw ng patis. Grrr..maghahalo ang balat sa tinalupan.

Kakatuwa naman tong topic na to, see, ang dami nating alam about our hubbies and of course, they know a lot about us. That means, mahal natin ang mga hubbies natin to accept positive and negative traits na meron sila, and vice versa ganon din sila satin. Maarte ka raw maglinis ng bahay? Hehehe! Thanks for joining this weeks Meme..See you next week.

Risma Hutabarat said...

Ahaaa.... I know a lot more about you right now, Jen. I didn't know before that you are a very very emotional person. You look calm and full of smile on all your pictures on Facebook (lol)

Anyway, please support my new blog, Jen by adding it into your blog roll. Here is the link and anchor text:
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Sorry for bothering you and thanks a lot..

Cheers :)

Clarissa said...

hahahahaa!!kahit ba naman sa bathroom eh nakaharap pa rin sa pc?!!Hinde rin magugustuhan ng asawa ko ang tuyo,super fave pa naman nating pagkaing pinoy di ba?Di ba nila alam na ang medyo maamoy na pagkain eh pinakamasarap?^_^

Happy CC!!^_^

acmumcee said...

at talagang sa negative side ang may "more..more..more.." haha!!! Naku, pinoy nga lang ata nakaka appreciate ng mabahong tuyo kaya pag nagluluto ako ng dried fish dito, sinisigurado kong sarado bintana at max ang exhaust at baka maireklamo kame ng kapit bahay..

Lina Gustina said...

Both of you know each other so well... Love reading this; have a happy marriage life...