Jan 11, 2010

back to school

Today was the first day of my school after long holidays. Actually it's another term for this year. We call it vårtermin (spring term).I have 4 subjects but I had only 3 rolled call today and I hate it because my other subject is not sure yet if I can have place and schools.

Around 10.30 I had another subjects in another school so I must be there before the said time. My 2 subjects are in West part of Gothenburg and one subject is on the South part so my beauty needs to be hurry.

At least I was there on time but unfortunately I didn't have my first day of class because I was the only student there or maybe I’ll be the only one who will take that subject there. My teacher said, she will call me before the end week on whatever status of our subject will be.

After rolled call, I metmy friend Janeth in the city and just strolled around. After few hours together, we went to our separate ways.

Happy monday everyone and take care.

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