Sep 28, 2009

router problem

I was not able to update my blog yesterday due to our router problem.

We had a problem with our old router (the black one) few days ago and we were trying to at least fix it ourselves but we gave up at the end. My husband tried his best to fix it but end up of still wasn't working.

We decided to buy new around lunch time (saturday). We bought a new one but unfortunately it wasn't working to our both laptops. It was only to mine but not to my husbands laptop. We went out and back to the store where we bought it and changed into new one (the same brand). Installed directly when he came home but gossshhh still not working. We got very irritated of whats the matter of it.

Until the end, my husband went back (again) to the store and left the router and tried to find new one into another store. It was too bad because all the stores was closed already due to Sunday afternoon. So he couldn't buy another one.

Just today after my husbands work, he went to a store and bought little bit more expensive that the two router that we bought the other day.

So here is our new router and currently working well.


Mommy Riza said...
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Mommy Riza said...

Hi, troubleshooting a router can be tricky sometimes, because you have to open its interface to access the administration and change some datas. We call it GUI. A wireless connection is really a nosebleed, but if it's wired, you should have little to no problem at all, but I am happy that you're connected and blogging again!

Weng Forsgren said...

buti nalang yong router namin walang problema. It perfectly work to both hubby's desktop and my laptop. Yong desktop lang ni erik ang di kailangan ng router.

BTW. thnx for asking. my relatives in phils are all ok. Sa luzon ra baya na hit ang typhoon wala sa davao. I just called them this morning, wala man daw affected ang davao. Thnx God for that!

tugnaw na diha sa inyo ?

Jenny said...

Mommy Riza, i knew that router or computer problem can be avoiding but sometimes due to busyness, we don't have time to check our things so often.

Weng, ito first time ko naencounter ang router problem..heheh

Aha buti pala hindi naapektohan sa inyo. Sa province din namin hindi nman. sa Manila alng talaga grabi no?

Medyo malamig na dito ngayon...Diyan snowing na ba?