Sep 5, 2009

what gift?

I posted here about birthday of tejan last Aug 31. Since she has many parties all over her in laws different friend and other more friends, we have scheduled to have party with her tomorrow. hehehe she's celebrity to have lots of parties.
She invited me and Shy and some other filipinas that i haven't meet yet.
She said that we can go to their house around 1pm. It's no problem for me to go there earlier because the earlier i go there, the earlier i can go home since i have an appointment also after 6pm.

Now the problem is i don't know what will i give to the celebrant. I think she have everything so it's very difficult to find something to give here.

Can anyone suggest me what will be the best gift to someone like tejan?


amiable amy said...

ohh i know she is...hehehe...i greet mo ako ha...

naku, ang saya dyan dami Pinay na malapit lang...dito isa lang nakita ko hahaha

salamat sa bisita girl

Jenny said...

Naku infearness ha. Sa two years ko dito sa Sweden, kami lang ni SHy tejan at ako ang close na pinay...

but then masaya kami 3..heheh