Sep 25, 2009

latest of my sister

It was very shocking and worrying when I read a text from my preggy sister (Gina) informing that she was in the hospital. At first I thought it was only her weekly pregnant check up but then I was surprised when she said, she was in her cardiology doctor. I don’t know what’s the specialist of cardiologist so I asked her what was it (shame of me who didn't know about cardiology). I was very much worried because she said maybe she has something wrong with her heart and it will not be good for her and her baby.

Just yesterday, we texted (sms) again while she was in the hospital for her results. Thanks God at least it was not really a heart problem. She just has a small blood clot to her heart but it's absolutely not a problem. Oh my God, I thought it was something but at least she's fine.

On Dec. 6 will be her next OB check up and she will find out if a baby girl (as she expecting) and what kind of delivery she will have. The last time she was in her OB was almost sure that baby girl and her OB said that 60% she will be CS.

Still guys, I’m begging for a prayer for my sister. I hope she will be ok and everything will be fine.
God please guide and help Gina. Thank you...


Fe said...

I pray for your sister Jen, hope her pregnancy will be ok. God Bless

David Funk said...

I pray for Gina and the baby to be okay. God Bless them!

Jenny said...

Fe and David - thank you very much for the words and for including my sister in your prayers. God bless