Sep 4, 2009

the way i am

I am blogging for a quite long time now but since then i never write about my personality. Maybe in some posts i mentioned something about me but not all about the way i am. So as of now, i will write some of the way i am. Ready? 1. Sensitive - yes i am the most sensitive person you will ever know. I am trying my best to at least minimize my sensitivity but the eager i am trying, the worst i am now.

2. Jealousy - i am the most jealousy person in the whole universe. hahaha. I hate to think about it but that's me. Since i was a kid, i got jealous in every aspect of my life. It's not good, right?

3. Dedication - this is one of the thing that i can proud of. I am too much dedicated in every thing. For instance, family, friends, work, and other more things.

4. Perfectionist?? - hmmmppp maybe yes maybe no..hahaha. That's' what some of my friends told me and even my family. For me it's not really perfectionist. I just want to make things in order. Organize is what i call it.

5. Friendly - yessss that's me...heheh I am friendly and easy to count with. That's why i won many awards in my primary and high school day as Miss friendship. hehehe. But i can be your worst enemy also. So beware..hahaha

More, and more and more about me but maybe i can write it next time. I will write more about my weaknesses and strongest part of me...hmmppp be ready to read it some other time.


alfafriend001 said...

nice description of your personality ... I think you're right ... you are such a very good friend .... the picture is beautiful....

Jenny said...

Thanks again my friend. That the way i am..heheh

This pictures was taken in one beautiful park here in our city..

Anonymous said...

Then you have a perfect personality to make a food friendship, Jen. Sensitivity is not a weakness, I suppose. It's one of your talent and you must happy for it..

Good to be your friend, Jen

Jenny said...

Thanks my friend Risma. SOmeone said that being sensitive is not helpful but i dont believe some ways it's helping..

Thanks to share your friendship with me

maxi said...

aw! hehe. thanks for sharing your personality here with us jen. ako, di pa kasi kita nameet kaya it's nice to know a little about you. next time ulit!

i know friendly ka and that's nice. but never knew na very sensitive and jealous type ka. but well. okey lang yan as long as mabait ka parin, diba?


by the way, na add ko na "the way family be" blog mo sa 3 blogs ko. pwede rin bang makipag exlinks yung 3 blogs ko dito? please?

Joops said...

Thanks for sharing this Ms. Jen, they say that the most friendly person is the hardest one for an enemy hehehe.. have a great weekend!

Jenny said...

Maxi - girl thanks for the words. Mabait ako talaga. Mukha lang akong mataray pero mabait ako.

I have added all of your blogs. Pwede mo check sa lists ko..ty

Joops - thanks John. I am friendly and hardest one for enemy..hehhe

Happy weekend both of you