Sep 10, 2009

self pity

Today was not really a good day to me. I woke up in bad mood and seems wouldn't get up from bed.

For some reason, i got little upset and was not really in good mood before i sleep last night. I'm just being self pity and didn't want to talk to my husband. I just had my bad behaviour and didn't want to show to my husband or i didn't want to fight him so i just didn't talk to him until this morning.

I used to fix his things before he go to work. I still did it this morning but i didn't wait until he left. Before he could finish fixing himself, I'm back in the bed and didn't want to talk to him "again" and let him left without saying goodbye of goodbye kiss.

Even in school (math class), i was not really in the mood and couldn't concentrate our lessons.

I am too much sensitive but I'm trying to at least minimize it. I knew myself that I'm acting like a child sometimes and like to be treated like a child also..hehehe. But at least now, I'm back to normal and I'm talking to my husband and do household chores.

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