Sep 11, 2009

we want to change

Cleanliness is very much important to our daily life.

I’m talking about our daily usual things that we usually use for our daily life. And one of these is the sink. Like our sink now...I’m not really sure but our sink is at least more than 10 years now and looks old. I keep on complaining about the stain and the smell that came from deep in.

I said to my husband about what I don’t like to our sink and he said that, we will buy and change our sink the sooner the better. Of course since it is me who is keep on complaining, I will choose also what kind of sink that I want them to change it. I surf the net and trying to find some sinks and what will be the fit and perfect for our kitchen. I found this kitchen sinks site where they have different style, colors and in a very affordable prices. I like this one above because it has 3 big bowls.

Hope we can purchase this one soon so that we can change our kitchen sink for me not to complain all the time and for the clean and healthy living also.

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