Sep 14, 2009

our bonding

As i said, me and my husband drove and went to Germany for some shopping moment. It was our one way of bonding even if we didn't really need to went there and shopped because we could do it here in Sweden.
But in anyhow, we enjoyed and it was long drove and long day. As i said to my post, it would take little bit more than 10 hours drove. It wasn't a problem for me at all because i was just sitting, eating, chatting, and sleeping in the car but my poor husband drove all the way and back.

We bought some stuffs for me and my husband but i prefer not to show here. I will just post some pictures that we took while driving.These are the pictures that makes me feel exciting every time we pass this lonnngggggg bridges. And the other one (with water), this was one of the picture i took when we was waiting the ferry in Denmark. This is Sweden view from Denmark pier.

Even if we were very tired when we came home, but still we enjoyed our trip and shopping in Germany. To my husband, thank you so much for giving me such patience and being so lovely to me. I knew that even if you were so tired driving, but still you was still in the mood talking and making jokes to me while driving. I love you so much and thanks for that lovely day of ours.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy the story about fun time you had with your hubby better than the pictures themselves, Jen. Hahaha.. I can see that you both still keep the romance around, right? :)

PS: Please grab my award for you, sis..
Take care

Jenny said...

thanks for the message sis..Yes romance and lovely things is still with me and my husband and i hope we will be like this forever...

I grab the award soon..ty