Sep 21, 2009

weekend bonding

How was your weekend guys?

Me and my husband’s weekend were amazing and unforgettable. We used to do it every weekend because this is just our time together. Of course we have always time together but what I mean is, two days that we are just at home and doing some bonding things together.

We always have fun every weekend. Like Saturday and yesterday, we just did our usual bonding and had so much fun. Our usual weekend walk (at least 1 hour), our grocery moments, our Saturday movie and other more things that we like to do. Sunday usually our cooking day. We used to cook different foods on Sunday before lunch and yesterday we cooked one of my favorite food, chicken alla king (our style). hehehe. It was so delicious and can't stop myself eating it 3 times yesterday. hahaha.

I love being with my husband and doing such things together. How about you guys? What was your weekend activities? I hope you had so much fun as me.
Happy monday everybody.


lolit said...

it is nice to hear wife and husband despite the busy schedule on one another, still find time to be together. It is the quality that counts anyway. Wishing you both a happy life together.

Jenny said...

thank you so much for the word lolit. Thats is one way of bonding that makes both happy and satisfied..

Mommy Riza said...

Hi, it's nice that you had a good bonding time with your husband. Before, I used to look forward to weekends, but since I've been staying at home for a year now, weekends has just become a part of my daily life and don't recognize it anymore. Have a wonderful week!