Sep 9, 2009

just a check up

Yesterday before lunch time, i had time with a doctor. It was just a simple test that i must do for me to know if i have sickness or something that i must know.

Before i went there, i felt very nervous and couldn't imagine that i would be in the doctor. Directly i came there, i felt more nervous and still the same when i was talking to the doctor and nurses. It was just a check up and just blood test but seems for me it was very much dangerous. I knew I'm acting too much but i couldn't stop myself because i haven't done like this before.

The check up lasted at least half an hour all in all. At last i breath with sigh and thanking that it was all done. At least the nurses and the doctor was very nice and helpful about my nervousness.

It was no problem at all to my health. I am totally fresh and no symptoms for any sickness. Thanks God...

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