Sep 11, 2009

family vacation

Summer just end and now we're welcoming autumn. We feel already the cold and the winter weather.

Me and my husband are planning to have a winter vacation in Vermont. It will be a Family Vacation because my husband sister and her family will go with us and enjoy the winter. This will be my first time to have vacation together with my in laws who I like to be with. Just to know more about them, their personality and of course for me to be more closer to my sister in law and her 2 daughters.

We are planning to have this winter vacation few months ago already but we haven’t decided yet where to stay since we are family. My sister in law trying to find the best place and hotel for us to have the best winter vacation we could ever have and it will be the most memorable one. She found this Vermont Hotels where she said, will be the perfect place for all of us. There we can have the best accommodations, amenities, some romantic dinning and for a very special rates that they can give to us.

We will be traveling as a family but of course me and my husband will be have our own romantic time and place for just the two of us. This hotel that we will stay with will give us the best romantic getaways for me and my husband.

We're looking forward for this vacation and im sure we will have so much fun.

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