Sep 19, 2009

get addicted

I was laughing as much as i could when David wrote a short story about his blog friends to his blog (i was one of them). One of that story was about Facebook (FB) Farmtown where lots of facebook member get addicted and can't stop themselves on playing it everyday.

Just 3 days ago, i was on my facebook account and got surprised when i got 35 invitations of that so cold farm games. I got lots of invitations also before but this time was many as i could think. Some of the invitations was from my 2 sisters, my nephew Marc, Shy, Maxi and Zvonko.

I said to myself that there's nothing to lose if i will try to play this addicted games on facebook. So i started 3 days ago and gosssshhh i can say that "I AM ADDICTED" of Farm Ville game on Facebook. Just this morning, this is my growing farm (on the picture). Thanks to all who gave me gifts particularly to Zvonko.

To those who wants to be the same as addicted as me on farm ville (or other) facebook games, start your farm now and harvest as many as you can. Decorate your farm and be rich...hehehe


Momma Riza said...

Hi, thanks for the tag. I just recently deleted my facebook because farmtown has become my addiction too. Lately I haven't been doing my laundry and so I made a promise to myself to never go back at facebook hehehe.

Jenny said...

AS in you delet your account on FB? Gossshhh maybe i will do the same also..hehehe

kandi said...

Thanks for letting me know.. It's better to not get started then... LOL...

Anonymous said...

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Weng Forsgren said...

facebook? sus there are many people na na addict sa ilang games. I got a lot of invitations from friends, farmtown and etc. I rejected because I know there are many are being addicted of it.
Dilikado kung maadik ko, kay pag kalooy nalang sa akong anak di maatiman hehe. I bet I got a good decission nga gi rejects and tanang invitations haha.
happy sunday Jen

alfafriend001 said...

hehehe...nice farm...:-)

Jenny said...

Kandi - Yes girl much better if you will not start with this addicted game..heheh

IMCURTAIn - happy ramadan also to you all Muslims

Weng - naku mabuti na rin na reject mo lahat invitations kasi kaloka if maadict ka..heheh

Zvonko - thanks my friend for all the gift on my farm..hehehe

David Funk said...

Yes, I recall that story but I didn't cast in you in the starring role because you weren't playing Farmtown at the time. I should cast you for Farmtown II then. Hehehe. Well, you had your "Will Blog For Food" movie going on when Farmtown was produced. LOL!

Many like to play it, but I'm just not on FB enough to invest the time into it.

Anyway, glad you enjoy it and best wishes for you always my very dear friend!

Anonymous said...

This is the game that I'm telling you about few days ago, sis :D
I already have my own farm. Add me as your friend, Jen (my ID: Risma Hutabarat). I'd love to be one of your neighbours also. I'll be waiting... :)