Sep 8, 2009

planning to change

Me and my husband are planning to change our Window Shades. The shades that we have at the moment are at least 10 years already and we must really change it the sooner the better because it looks very old and of course dirty.

I surf the net and try to find and look for the best shades that I hope it will take at least few years. I found many and I have some choices. This Bali Blinds are one of my choices. These window shades will be perfect for covering our window. This is little bit expensive but I'm sure and I knew that this is worth it to have.

My other options are the
Hunter Douglas Blinds. This has a good quality product and reliability supported and has different styles and colors. It will just depend on us what style we want and if it's fit to our windows. And also we have wood window so this one will be fit also.

As of now we haven't decided yet which among these two we will buy. We must think and choose which will be the perfect and fit to our window, our house and of course to our personality as well.

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Anonymous said...

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