Sep 13, 2009

which one?

As I posted many time, me and my husband are trying to put new things in our house. My husband have all of these things inside our house now for at least many years and some looks very old and need to change and some are still fine. One of these things that we wanted to change is our Bathroom Vanities because it already looks very old and it’s not modern type anymore. We have decided and are planning to change our old style bathroom into a modern one.

My husband wanted only Single Vanity since we're only two. Single one is very much fit and perfect for me and my husband but what if there will be new member of our family? Of course it will still be ok even if single but me myself I prefer to have Double Vanity for preparations for the new member.We haven’t decided yet if single or double vanities we will buy but we have already choices and like to have. We’re just hoping that it will be good and perfect for our new look bathroom and at the same time, it will be comfortable for our entire family member who will use it.

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