Sep 7, 2009


We know ourselves that there are a lots of things out there that are possible to personalise or can be personalise. It's not only because it looks really cute but of course it will also recognized as yours.

I remember when i was still in Philippines and my brother in law bought a new car, i really wonder why they have their sure name in their car plate. I wasn't aware that it can personalised number plates and you can do it in some and different ways.

So to those who haven't personalise yet their car plate, do it now and be recognise...


jodi said...

a nice review sis, thanks for dropping by. by the way, very busy lang masyado minsan sis and di talaga ako maka bloghop..

Jenny said...

Thanks sis...ganyan talaga ang beauty natin sis laging busy...heheh

Just take care and God bless