Sep 15, 2009

unknown caller?

Having a mobile phone, home telephone or whatever phone we have is very good. It's good for different communications. I know that many of us now are having hand mobile phone or we call it cellular phone where we can carry it and have it anytime and anywhere we want.

Sometimes having a phone is not really good especially if there is unknown numbers some keep on calling us or someone who is calling in some purposes or maybe they have nothing to do and they just want to disturb someone's life.

Like for instance, there is someone who keeps on calling me in the middle of the night and when i answer my phone, i can't hear any voice but instead just a breath or just a radio which get me very much irritated. Because of this incident, i was really eager to find a solution on how i can locate this person who keeps on calling me.

Due to this situation of mine, i found a very best site where i can know who's calling me or if some unknown name calling me in the middle of the night. I found this Caller Wiki where i will just type the number and then it will let me know where i can find or i will know who's that person is.

So to you, who keep on calling me, beware now because I know who you are and I know how I can get you.

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