Sep 4, 2009


My Auntie have one and only son who is now 17 years old. Her husband went to abroad when their son was only 2 years old. My auntie brought him up in her own way and since she's girl; she always thought that rising a son is very much different if the father is there.

Her son name is James and I can say that it's very difficult to be his mother. It's not really her fault that’s why James is like what he is now. He's the kind of son who always wants to have everything. Just few days ago, I got a message telling that my auntie almost got crazy about James.

She found out that James is very much addict now, drink too much alcohol and tried to kill himself because of so many frustrations depressions and wants so many things which he knows that he cannot have it all. He is also
opiate addiction and some other more addictions that he didn't know how to handle it anymore. James asking for help and wanting to stop his addiction. Auntie wants me to help them to find rehabilitation center or help them in some way. I know I’m too far from them but I tried my best to help them.

Finding some center for James is not really easy but I surfed the net and tried to find some site where I can get informations or possible place that James can go with and at last I found one. The Addiction Treatment site is the answer for auntie's problem.
Alcohol Rehab is one of their offer to all who are addict of alcohol. It will not be difficult for auntie to find out what she wants because on this site she can have all the informations, and the best and good treatment that will be help James.

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