Sep 19, 2009

our nursing student

Just an information, our youngest sister is currenlty on her last year college of a nursing course. She said that it's not easy to become a nurse but then she will gladly like and wants to help other people.

Sometimes she doesn’t have enough time to spend to us her family because she's concentrating and studying so badly. But even if she's busy as she is now, still she manage to have the best places to be a nurse to all of us. She's there for us anytime we need her. The love and the support that she wants us to give her are very much understandable. She will be there particularly if we need medical help.

As last week she had her practice duty in one hospital and she had hard time on the patient with hypochondriac sickness. She was trying to find out what are the hypochondriac symptoms for her to know and what to do to in some cases. Hypochondriac is a person with preoccupation body functions.

But since she's studying and wanting to finish her nursing degree, she's trying her best to do her upcoming job to be and she's trying to find best things for her guide and help. The in style scrubs is the answer of the guide that she's wanting to have.

We as her family will always be there for her and support her ambition to be one of the nurses that can be proud of. Good luck sister and good luck for your nursing school.

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