Sep 26, 2009


I'm not really a fan of Freddie Aguilar but I like his way of writing and singing nationalistic songs.

Today while I was looking for some things, I accidentally found a very old Freddie cassette tape in one of our old player. At first I thought it was a Swedish songs because as you can see there is no name in the tape. I asked my husband about it and he didn't even remember what is it. I just continued finding the things that I'm looking then suddenly I found another Freddie. I was very happy when I saw it because of course I don't have any Tagalog songs here at home.

Due to my excitement, I forgot what I’m looking for and went directly to our player. I was about to throw the old cassette tape then I said, why shouldn't try it first before throwing? Gossshhh I was very happy that the cassette tape started with "Ang Bayan kung Pilipinas" song. Oh my God, it's Freddie... I listened the cassette tape until all the songs finished then changed into the CD. heheh

My husband remember that he bought the CD year 1987 in Philippines. He saw once of Freddie Aguillar "live" performace in one bar in Manila.

I like all the songs and I can say "I'm Proud to be a Filipino" Mabuhay...


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

magaling siya umawit at mag compose ng kanta..mga pilipino song talaga ang inaawit niya..di katulad ng ibang mga singer na manggagaya ng ibang awitin..inaawit ang mga awitin ng mga banyaga..walang originality..ganun naman talaga walang originality..lately nga nabalita na ang ibang singer ay tinawag ni freddie aguilar na monkey..iyon yatang term ang sinabi niya..ibig sabihin manggagaya ng awitin ng ibang singer..bakit di na lang umawit ng sariling atin, sariling pinoy..korek me if i am wrong..

Weng Forsgren said...

correct, nakakamiss yong tagalog songs. I don't have ang bayan kung pilipinas but I have Lupang Hinirang hehe.
I bought some tagalog cd every time umuwi kami, kasi nakakamiss.
I like fredie A. he is a good singer, but unfortunately wala akong cd niya.
Good for you na your hubby have, so ngaun, pwede na everyday mong pakinggan hehe.

happy sunday

Momma Riza said...

I like Freddie Aguilar songs along with his contemporaries like Coritha, those were the times when our people is looking for liberation from foreign invasion, this is their way of taking back our identity as Filipinos.

@ Arvin, actually, I think Freddie has a reason but he also went overboard with his statements, he could have encouraged the new Filipino singers instead, and make himself as an example. To use the word "monkey" would also make him one, coz we don't originally have cowboys and rodeos here in the Philippines, and he's wearing a cowboy hat too.

@ Weng, would you like me to send you some songs of Freddie in your email?

Jenny said...

Guys thank you so much for the good words that you left here.

I know about those issues about Freddie Aguillar but still his way of composing or writing his songs are amazing..

I'm proud as a filipino..thanks again guys... Mabuhay