Sep 18, 2009

remembering Berlin

I came here in Sweden April of 2007 and at first it was seems very difficult to be far of my family (for the first time). But i knew myself that it was time for me to face my own life together with my husband.

My first Christmas with my husband was very much memorable. We was not here in Sweden, instead we traveled to Berlin Germany and spent our first Christmas together. I thought that taking bus to Berlin was exciting and could be fun but i was wrong. It was almost 14 hours with bus from here in Göteborg to Berlin.

When we came to Berlin, we directly went to some Historical and talk of the town places. We went to Olympics Stadium where the Olympics 1936 games was held, the Berlin Wall "Checkpoint Charlie" and of course the Brandenburger Tor (check the pictures under).

Here are some of our pictures taken from different places in Berlin.

    The night we came to Berlin. This one was in the hotel bar
    One of the subway station in Berlin. On our way to Olympic Stadium
    Olympic Stadium gate. As you can see the name
    At my back is the Olympic stadium
    Still at my back is the huge plaza infront of Olympic Stadium
    The military check point
    This Berlin wall entrance.
    Former checkpoint between East and West BerlinThe huge and very beautiful Brandenburger Gate at my back
    The street name is Unter den Linden
    One of the bombed church
    Subway station
    Our Christmas night in our hotel bar
We was in Berlin one week and we had so much fun and memorable memories there. Plus the fact that the hotel that we was staying with was including buffet breakfast where i ate a lot (as usual) hahahaha.

Until now, I'm still reminishing our Berlin adventure and for sure we will go back there again "someday". Happy Weekend


Dhemz said...

grabi yung posing nyo dito sis ah..hanep na!

Jenny said...

hahaha...minsan minsan lang yan sis kaya need to pose well...

as i said one of my post, as in super camera addict ako..hahah