Sep 11, 2009

want to have one

Last year I had 2 Nikon cameras that my husband bought for me but then I’m not satisfied. I asked my husband to buy one more. Without any questions he bought another Nikon camera for me so I gave my other one to my sister. But seems not enough. I want other thing besides camera and I wanted something to experience.

Just today, I was surfing the net and trying to have something new. I know that I don't need it but I want to have a Nikon Binocular. I want to have it because I want to experience watching and unidentified object. My husband told me that it's impossible to buy that Nikon binocular because he said it's very expensive. But without his knowledge, I already surf and trying to find Nikon Discount. He was not really surprised when I told him about the discounts. So he said he will find out how to purchase one for me.

In my younger stage, we used to have military visitors and I remember that I always asked about their binocular. I thought that it was a camera and wanted them to take pictures from it but then one time they let me look something far from where we we're and I understand that it was not a camera. And from that time, I said to myself that one day, I can have that binocular. That’s why now, since I can get discount, I really want that my husband will buy one for me.

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