Sep 1, 2009

wish lists

Since my birthday is coming (2 months from now) my husband asked me if what kind of gifts i want. He said that, he will just give me money instead of buying himself because he don't know what i really like or anything that i needs and wants.

Since i don't need anything, i just told him that i like to have somethings like accessories. I have few pairs of accessories but seems old already and i want to have another style and maybe to have more collections.

Accessories must have also a partner or something match when i will wear it. So i want also to buy shoes and other things that are women fashions trends. I know myself that these things will costs my husband at least more than a thousands but it will be ok because it will be my day and it will make me happy.

I hope sooner, i can have all of those wish lists that i have written for my birthday. Happy shopping


sweet_shelo said...

yay!!! Malapit na rin pala bday mo sis.. Hope you have your wishlists!!!

Jenny said...

Medyo malapit na nga and advance ako sa lists ko..hehehe