Sep 16, 2009

the way family can be

Some of you guys knows how big and lovely family i have. I am proud to be part of my family and if ever the times goes back and will start a new family again, i would still have same family as i have now. I cannot find as lovely family as i have now.

As proud as i am of them, i made a new blog which will tackle about families. Families all over the world, your family, my friends family, and of course my family which i started already posting on my new blog name "The way family can be". I choose this name to make it easier for you guys to remember because it's just almost the same name as this blog (The way i use to be) and also it will be for you guys to know that family is always can be a family.

So to those who wants to be a part of my family blog and be one of my friends there, visit my new blog and just leave a note if you want me to add you on my list? I will gladly and wanting to have plenty friends as i have here. Thanks in advance and see you all there guys.

Happy blogging everyone...

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