Sep 7, 2009

birthday party

As i posted the other day, i really didn't know what gift i could give to our dearest friend who seems have everything. At first, i thought that some "display" things would be perfect to her since she have lots of displays thing in her glass cabinet but when i looked around gossshhh there was nothing that fit her personality. Then i tried some other things and still it wasn't perfect to her. So at last i decided to just bought light orange/pink roses with small card.

As usual me and S-h-y went there together. Tejan expecting her visitors around 4pm. SO they came and I met some other Filipina (as you can see in the pictures). Of course filipina, so we chatted, laughed and took pictures.

To our lovely cutie and nice friend tejan or Janeth or whatever... thanks for the party and for everything. I will truly treasure it. See you soon.


teJan said...

ahehe..thanks ayo dear jenny sa pagluto sa lamian nga chicken curry! and for celebrating with me..thanks sa card nga nice kaayo and the flowers of course!

Maxi said...

hello jenny. wow. kainggit naman. saya ng party ah. hehe. glad to know you had a great time with the girls. dapat lang, diba?

hope everything is okey.


sweet_shelo said...

how lucky sis janet to have friends like you sis.. She has a wonderful bday celebration I bet..

Jenny said...

tejan - varsågod kompis. Jag ska göra det igen om du vill, Jag vill gärna laga mat..

Maxi - naku girl as in first time ko nakiparty sa mga pinay. Ang saya at ang sarap ng feeling na may kausap kami na tagalog..heheh

sweet_shelo - thanks girl. Im lucky to have friend like her and shy. They're both so nice to me...