Sep 30, 2009

unexpected gift

Me and Shy was not expecting that we would receive a gift today from our very generous friend Tejan.

I went little bit early to school today due to some printing documents that I should do before my 1.00pm class start. I finished printing before my class started so i go to cafeteria where tejan and Shy would eat their lunch. I waited them for few minutes then tejan came with a beautiful smile.

She gave me two gifts which she said it was for me and Shy.. SInce Shy wasn't there yet, we waited for her to come before opening our gifts. SO heres come Shy. They ate their lunch first then Shy and I opened our gifts.

The gift that tejan gave me is very useful since i love to take pictures on myself. Tejan gave me a camera stand for my camera so that I don't need to use my husband’s books if I want to take pictures of myself.

So here’s the gift that my very good and generous friend tejan gave me. Ofcourse we used it directly...hehehe. Thank you so much girl for this gift and for everything. Tack och sköt om dig


teJan said...

hehehh.. glad to know that you guys like it! det var så liten! More blessings! Godbless!

David Funk said...

Wow! It is no wonder why people love teJan in the blogging community and that you and Shy are very good real-life friends with her.

I did have to laugh at the part about you using books to take pics of yourself.

BTW, you all look very adorable in that last pic!

Thanks for sharing Jenny!

P.S. Ironically, the Word Verification is table which is apparently where you three were sitting at when the pic was taken! LOL!

Jenny said...

Thanks again tejan for always a good friend and generous to me..

David - yes my friend, we used books before if we want to take pitures of ourselves..hahah very funny right?

Thanks for the compliments and for the good words..

Yes its verify the table..hehehe

Mom of Four said...

what a generous friend u have there. keep her, hahaha!! u don't know what she will give you this coming Christmas, joke lang... Take care and thanks for coming to my site..

Richard said...

this photos is very nice jenny

Beng Gee said...

Reading your posts allow me to know that you pinays out there in Sweden are that close. Glad you are keeping your friendships. Keep it up!

Thanks for being my follower. I am too, on yours.

Jenny said...

Thanks guys for the words... I just replied into your message box in your site..happy day

Weng Forsgren said...

wow what a generous friend you have guys. receiving gifts is fun eps. pag surprise diba?

Jenny said...

Yes Janeth is so genorous na nakakainsecure na kasi siya na lang lagi bigay..heheh