Sep 17, 2009

wish lists

My birthday is coming soon but seems I cannot accept the fact that I'm getting one more year older. Do you want to guess how old am I? Hmmmppp I will not tell now but maybe I can tell it on my day.

My husband asked me what I want to have on my birthday. Actually I don't really know, I said. I do not
need anything but of course I have some things that I'm wanting to have. I know it will be difficult for my husband to buy gifts for me. He told me that if he will buy clothes, shoes or accessories then maybe I will not like the colors, and maybe I don't like it or maybe.......gossshhh so many reasons so instead he asked me a WISH LISTS of the things that I want to have.

It really doesn't matter for me whatever he will buy for me as long as he have an effort for it. But still he wants to buy the things that he thinks I need or wants.

As of now I have few things already on my list and I don't know what else I could write. For me, seems just enough his greetings, his hugs and kisses and his unconditional love.

Anyway, thanks in advance my (älskling) dear husband for everything. I love you very much and thanks for the love.
Advance happy birthday to me...hehehe


Anonymous said...

Another birthday to celebrate :D
And a another romance to enjoy on.. Haha..
Let me know when you decide the time to share the date of your birthday, Jen :)

Weng Forsgren said...

advance happy birhday jen. silingan pata anhaon taka dayon hehe.
surprise cgru gift ni hubby. recieving gifts is fun...honestly hehe, lalo na pag galing kay hubby. diba?

Jenny said...

Risma - actually it's not too soon..heheh it will be on november but i posted in advance..heheh

Weng- how i wish malapit ka lang sa akin dito para atleast kwentohan to the max tayo...but in anyway dito na alng tayo kwentohan nito eh..heheh. I'll find out ano gift ni hubby the day before my day...we'll see