Sep 30, 2009

healthy and beauty

I am planning to buy some organic beauty and health products since I don’t have yet any of these. I know it will be very nice to have this products because besides of being healthy, for sure it will make me more beautiful as well... Sounds good right?

Healthy body is very important for me and having healthy body mean beauty. As of now I feel more chubby that I was few months ago. I know that I ate too much bad food and too much oily food. These foods will not be good to me or anybody's body. So I’m trying to change my oily food into vegetables. It will not be a problem if I become
vegetarian since I used to eat vegetables when I was a kid.

So if I become skinny and sexy again, I can wear again any passion
clothes or accessories that inn in every season. And my husband said we will travel into different destinations where he thinks that I love and like to shop clothes or accessories. Of course besides shopping, we can relax and have fun also. How exciting that would be.

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