Sep 22, 2009

want to have

I am planing to buy a new jewelry set since i don't have that much. I don't use jewelry everyday but just lately it seems i started to like and wanting to wear some, for a change.

I am trying to find some jewelries which i don't have yet. The pearl jewelry is the number on my list. I like pearls because it don't need to be a formal occasion or attire. Just my daily jewelry where i am comfortable to have it.

I will surely purchase one of this pearl jewelry that i saw. It's has a very cute design and very attracted.


chubskulit said...

when it comes to jewelry, hoops earrings ang weakness ko hehehe..

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Jenny said...

Hindi ako ganon kahilig sa jewelry pero meron akong few..hehehe

jodi said...

hi jen, following your blog..have anice day