Sep 2, 2009

my type of dress

I am not really choosy type of girl. I can wear any clothes as long as i feel comfortable and it don't really looks weird. Normally i just have jeans and a simple shirt that is very much fit to my personality as being a simple one. Simplicity is the best beauty as what i believe.

I was trying to find through Internet the different style and type of dresses which will be fit for me. I just want as simple as it is and can be double purpose. I mean can use in different ages, occasion or different stages of life. Pregnant or not, old or young.

I found this Womens Catalog site where i saw a lot of different dresses that i can choose to. I found interesting this blue maternity dress because it's really fit to me and if i get pregnant soon so it will be perfect one.

This one that i chose to has different color and different sizes. This is not the only maternity dress you can find in this site beside any clothes or accessories, shoes or whatever fashion things that you're looking for can be found there.

So if you're looking for a fashion things, visit their site now and avail their beautiful products.


Analou and Bones said...

That's a very nice dress friend. It looks comfortable specially that it is very hot out here. I think it will nice on me (lol).

Jenny said...

Yes it is nice but i cannot use it now. Im not pregnant yet and it's cold here already. Winter is coming...