Sep 17, 2009

camera addict

My husband told me that I’m camera addict and I agree with him. Sometimes he got irritated when we're out and I always wanted to have pictures or souvenirs.

I remember when we were in other country then in my bad luck, I forgot to bring my digital camera. It was really a beautiful places and it was one of the most historical places that we could ever see. I was very sad and couldn't stop repenting myself.

It was not worth it to go back to our hotel and get our camera so instead we went to a digital camera shop where there was a lot of displayed cameras and a lots of camera accessories. It was really a nice store because we could buy also some accessories that we need to our unbring camera. We bought another camera in that particular digital camera store and some camera accessories.

I am still using our camera almost every day and so far so good and I haven’t experience any problem. I took many pictures and I’m very much impressed of all the result.

So even if my husband always tells me that I am camera addict, it really doesn’t matter to me because for me having a camera and take pictures as many as I can, will make or it makes me happy. Of course it will be a good souvenir also and maybe I can show it to my future kids, grandkids or whoever…

1..2...3...Say cheese….


Anonymous said...

wahahaha, camera addict means picture addict too..! and its good to know that there are online store to shop when you need the accessories

Jenny said...

Jodi -i can call myself as the worst picture addict..hahaha