Sep 1, 2009

earn more

Now a days blogging is in the air. Same as me, i was not really interested on blogging but due to my cute friend Shy who keep on commercialising about blog, at the end i joined and i am enjoying about it. Enjoying in some ways like, having new friends, writing my daily activities and share to other even if sometimes it's too personal already but as long as i am happy and satisfied of what i have written it really doesn't matter.

Beside of those things i mentioned of course it's the bucks that i am earning. I am always inspired to write when i know that sooner or later i can earn from that particular article.

My friend Shy who tough me everything about blogging, gave me a new click from blog site where you can earn more bucks. This is really interesting site because in just sign up, you can even earn directly.
How to make money with blog

So to all my friends here in blog sphere, go and visit their site (click the banner above) and earn more bucks... Enjoy and good luck


David Funk said...

Congrats my friend for signing on this site. I knew S-H-Y would sign up after I told her, and she said she would let you know, too.

Anyway, I hope it does very well for you, too!

Jenny said...

David - too bad becuase im not done yet..they dont accept my encounter..i dont know why..