Sep 29, 2009


I am saddened of what happened to my beloved country Philippines because of the typhoon "Ondoy". I am prayingto those who lost their love ones, and some of their personal things, that they will be ok and will survive of this tragic happening of their lives. I’m praying as well to my beloved country to survive and will be back to normal life soon.

I'm thankful that beside of this unbelievable happened to the countrymen in Philippines, my family was safe and they we're all fine. The day that it was flooding in Manila, particularly in Makati, my family was able to calm down because they are living in a little bit high area. My preggy sister told me that it was almost in their kitchen but thanks God the rain stopped.

To those who are affected of the typhoon and to those who lost their love ones, my deepest sympathy and just move and continue living. It’s not easy but life must move on and face a new life to the future.

I'm asking to all bloggers to help us praying to our country Philippines and to those who survived this horrible happened in Philippines.

May Filipino countrymen will magkaisa at magsama sa paglutas ng problema...


David Funk said...

Glad to hear your family is okay. I'm praying for your country of people because of the many friends I have there now.

Best wishes for the Filipino community!

Jenny said...

Thanks God atleast they're all ok. Thanks for praying my friend...

Take care and God bless