Oct 2, 2009

after few weeks

Summer just ended and its autumn season but it feels like its winter already. So this means that we must cover almost all over our body. Hehehe. So cold...

I saw a jacket few weeks ago and I really like it. One time when I was in the store and supposedly buy it then suddenly I changed my mind and told myself that I should think of it first many times. Because I have plenty jackets already and seems not really important to buy new one.

After few weeks of thinking, I went to the store again yesterday and looked at it. Still I wasn't able to buy it. A generous friend of mine Tejan said that she has 25% discount on that store so I grabbed the opportunity and asked her if I could take the discount coupon. Without hesitation she gave it to me. Thank you so much again my friend.

At last, after few weeks of thinking, I bought the jacket today. I really love it and seems very fit and comfortable.

It's a secret.... I bought it from children section or should I say children's clothes..hahaha. I'm just like a child...does it look obvious? This is not the first time that i bought from children clothes. I used to it, even my shoes....hehehe

Happy weekend everyone.


Weng Forsgren said...

thats true, its getting colder everyday and time to use our thick jacket.

Janmah said...

wow! nice jud sya kompis! grattis oi!Suot dayon ha! heheh.

Jenny said...

Weng - naku buti nga dito sa amin hindi masyadong malamig kagaya sa inyo diyan..hehehe snowing na ba kayo?

Janmah - thanks kompis...hehhe ska ko na suot yan...

chubskulit said...

Love the color and style, so sa children's section ka pala hehehe.. Just like me sis when i do shop in the States. Kumusta na Jen?

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Anonymous said...

Nice sharing!

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Jenny said...

Rose, hehehe secret yon..hahaha kasi maliit lang ako eh kaya children section


Anonymous said...

Children section, huh? I bet you will, Jen. Asian women tend to have smaller size compare to European. And I think that's okay :D Love the color

johnvill said...

i wish we have snow in cebu or autumn but we only have summer and wet season huhuhuh

i could go snow boarding