Nov 22, 2009

our Denmark trip

I posted here yesterday about our trip to Denmark and yes we've been there today.

We woke up early because our train should leave around 6.20 am. Gosh I was still very sleepy but I managed to wake up and fixed myself. I was very excited because it was my first time to take few hours by train. We were on time and took the train to Denmark.

On our way to Malmö (another big city in Sweden) I was just sleeping because it was still dark and I couldn't see anything outside. I love to sleep while traveling so when we stopped in Malmö for few minutes, my husband told me that “soon” we would pass the long bridge that connecting between Malmö and Denmark. It took around 5 minutes on that long bridge but I was so stupid of forgetting to take pictures. I was just amazed and excited looking outside to the water.

We were in Denmark and took a long walked all over the Copenhagen city...hahaha. We tried to find some Denmark souvenirs but unfortunately we didn't find one. huhuhuhu. Instead we sat in a restaurant, ate, took a little rest and continued walking. We were very tired on our legs but we were happy anyway.

It was very fine weather today and was not very cold so it was no problem walking around Denmark city.

We were very tired of walking so we went back to train stations 15 minutes earlier. Directly we were got on the train, I was flat tired and fell into sleep...hahaha.

It was a long and tiring day in Denmark but we had fun and love to go back there again someday.

Here are some of our pictures taken in Denmark. Happy weekend everyone.

The white train at my back was our train back to Gothenburg

Copenhagen Denmark central train station
Central train station outside view

Denmark City hall

A coffee and icecream store


Me said...

Hope you got a lovely day trip...?

have a goo sunday evening!

thanks for the comment and visit...

Anney said...

Sarap naman!! Sana makapunta din ako dyan balang araw! Naku kelan kaya un? aheheeh!