Nov 18, 2009

couple's corner #6: Newly wed

Couple's corner once again and the topic is about "First year of being married" or should I say our first few days of being newlywed.
Rodliz’s Nest

Actually it was only one week we was together after we said I do to each other because my hubby went back here in Sweden after few days. After our rushed wedding, we did our usual routine which I was working and he’s at his hotel. After my work, we spent our night in the hotel restaurant. I didn't sleep over with him because I had to went home and sleep well for my busy schedule the next day. (We had job hiring the next day and my Japanese boss was in the Philippines to hired some engineer for our new project in Morocco). So it was mean that nothing sexually happened between me and my husband before he went back to Sweden...hahaha boring daw sabi? hehhe...

Then I will start here about my one year being with my husband here in Sweden. Directly I came here in Sweden, I found some unbelievable behavior that my husband has. The first night i found out how loud he's snoring that it seem there is no tomorrow. He likes to talk and talk and talk all the time... as in talkative talaga if kami lang dalawa pero mahiyain naman if marami nang ibang tao. Makulit pa at gusto lagi ko sagutin lahat ng tanong niya even if sometimes nonesense na. That's the way he is and I love him that way.

Rodliz said, you will not know a person unless you will live in one roof. I absolutely agree with that. When I was with him in Philippines, I didn't find everything that I found out when I’m with him now but I accept and like the way he is because whatever he has, that is him and I love him that way...

As of now, we are living here in Sweden for 2 years and 7 months and I think I know him well. From the morning he wakes up until the night he said good night i can say that he's
hes genuinely my man.

It seems nothing to adjust more. He knows me when I am about to get angry, he knows where are my weaknesses, my tantrums and my kiliti...hehehe. Same as him, I think I know him well now but of course there are some things that I will discover in the future.

In a relationship, be open to each other or honesty is one way to make the relationship stronger and stay until the end of life.

Happy Wednesday everyone and happy couple’s corner.


Kero said...

two things that seems everybody's complaining. husbands' farting and snoring hahahaaaa

almost three years of marriage and no more secrets hihi

thank you for sharing. i look forward to more of your romance story :)

my entry is here

Cecile said...

very nice love story, thanks for sharing :-).

mine is here:

Mom of Four said...

Jenny, I think most husbands snore, minsan nga ang hubby ko, pinipiga ko ang nose, hahaha.. pero ngayon, nasanay na rin yata ako, di ko na naririnig eh hehehe..nakakasanay pala. I am so glad that you got adjusted well living with him, medyo mahirap talaga sa umpisa, but nakakasanay din naman.

There are some people that can't make adjustments, I guess they are the ones that don't really love their partners, kasi I believe that if you truly love someone, you can accept or adjust easily, kasi you will learn to love everything about him.

See you next week.

acmumcee said...

haha.. talkatavie ba sis? kung foreigner ang asawa ko at talkative, goodluck sa nose ko.. nisebleed ito!!!

thanks for sharing! I enjoyed your love story.. natagalan mo naman ng more than 2 years, so pag umabot ka na like kay ate liz, masasanay ka nadin.. hehehe...