Nov 3, 2009

false alarm

Yesterday when we were about to start our lesson on our first subject, we heard an alarm from our school alarm system or what we called security system. We were panicking and couldn't wait to go out from the room and tried to find out what was happening.

Directly we were on the door, our assistant teacher informed us that there was some burning in one of the school rooms.

We did our best to pack all of our things and went out to our football ground. Then suddenly here came our school director with megaphone on her hands. She was speaking as loud as she could and informing us that it was only
false alarm and there was nothing happening inside the school.

It was not a good joke about that alarmed but then we learned that it's really good to have an
alarm system in school. Not only school must have alarm. Of course home alarm or home alarm system wireless will be very good to have as well for us to avoid unexpected vandalism.

So if you are planning to purchase some alarms for your home, the
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SO if you want to be safe and secure about your living, then purchase home alarm system wireless now for your safety.

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