Nov 9, 2009

another gift

My very good friend and I count her as my mother, older sister and a very good friend, Muna from Iraq gave me her late birthday gift to me today.

She couldn't make it to come here in my party so she waited until today to give me her gift.

I was in my English subject today when Zeena called me asking where I am. She said that Muna wanted to talk to me. I rushed down to cafeteria and looked for Muna. Muna just wanted to give me her gift and asked an apology for not coming here last birthday party of mine.

It was no problem that they were not able to come here because I knew that it was their first time to meet their computer teacher.

Here is her cutie and very beautiful gift to me. Of course my favorite color. She knew it…hehehe

Muna, thank you so much for being a good friend to me. Being there every time I asked anything and for being a good adviser.

See you around and hope you will not change to me... Vi ses någon gång...


Khim said...

Hello Jen!

Caring person does´nt come all the time in our way and they don´t grow in the trees...once you´ll meet them keep there friendship without hesitation.

good luck!

Thankz for adding me...I did add you too..thankz for being my friend in blogg..

Sov gott!

teJan said...

nice jud sya kompis..aaay! nice ang pagkablue:) heheh

good day!

jodi said...

hi jen sis, kamusta ka na. naalala ka naman pala ni muna ano? congrats sayo ang belated na rin blogger
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GIOVANNI said...

added you sis 2 mnonths ago.. but i haven't seen my blog in yours..hehehe..GBU always

Dhemz said...

cute kaya ng angel...ehhehe..bait naman ng friend mo sis....:)

Maxi said...

hello Jen!

that's so cute! belated happy birthday! mwah