Nov 17, 2009

heating and cooling

We are very excited of our new house and as of now, we're just putting some little more things that we want. It's not really needed to have those but in case of needing it at least we have installed it already.

We know how hot and unexplain weather in Philippines especially if summer so we are planning to put air-conditions in every room that we have. We have three rooms and that room will cost so much for us. That's why we are trying to find a very good HVAC service that can give us the best service we could ever have.

Of course if the weather is changing, we are wanting something that we can use it dually. I mean not only to make it cold but for heating as well if like raining or winter time. We want to have heating contractor that will give us the best management and fix our machine in good terms.

Unexpectedly, a person who knows our wants, contacted us and asking favour if we could refer them a commercial HVAC for their commercial store. They wanted same service as we want and they wants that the company that will give us the service we want will give them same service.

I hope all of these plans we have for our house will come true and have our dream family house as best as we can.

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