Nov 3, 2009

couple's corner #4: Marriage Proposal

It's Couple's Corner again...and this is the most exciting momment to some couple...the marriage proposal.

Rodliz’s Nest

As a couple (gf and bf), we were happy and didn't wanted to be far sight from each other. My hubby had off from his work for almost a year just to be with me in Philippines and spent more time with me.

We were not living together, nor didn’t I sleep over with him. Gosssh just an information guys, I came from a very conservative family...hehehe. But I’ve been to his hotel room many times. Almost every end of my working days. We just talked, sharing thoughts, fixing and eating fruits or anything that we found interesting and fun.

One day when we was inside his room and we were watching film, I felt asleep and didn't notice that the film ended already. I just woke up when he was kissing me together with his magic words. He just whispered me "I WANT TO BE WITH YOU FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE" WILL YOU MARRY ME AND BE WITH ME IN SWEDEN” for the second time I heard the orchestra... Gossshhh ang aking beauty naalimpungatan sa sinabi ni mama!!!!hehehe

At first I didn't know what to say. I was asking myself if this guy is really serious or not because I didn't see any ring or something. But I could see him physically and from his eyes that he was very serious... so ayon napa YES ang aking beauty.

We were engaged already (as we counted even if we didn't have engagement ring yet) but still nothing happened yet (ang boring ko ba?)... We we're so much in love and we couldn’t wait to be on each other arms so we applied my visa to Sweden.

More story after this moment. Trials and circumstances came on our way...


Mom of Four said...

Being off work for 1 year to stay with you in the Philippines was so sweet and romantic. It didn't matter if nothing happened to you sexually, he respected you and that's so gentleman of him.

The Marriage Proposal was really kilig to the bones for me.. Imagine, binulong sau if you will marry him? that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you!! wahhhh! bakit sa akin wala,, sino nga naman ang di mapapa YES sa ganyan. Aba eh kahit ako,sabihin, Yes Yes, when??? Hahahaha!

Great entry Jenny..I love it.

sweet_shelo said...

wow , kaloka naman pala ang marriage proposal nya sa u sis.. Tulog ka pala ha and then ginising ka nya with a kiss and those sweet words... nakakakilig..

Hmm, wala talaga nangyari ha.. hehe.. Joke sis.. but I admired you, kasi kami marami na nangyari eh.. wahahaha

sheng said...

Wow, pangpelikula ang marriage proposal niya...wasweet nman...tipong wala ka pa sa wisyo dahil nagising ka nga lang sa kiss tpos marriage proposal ang maririnig mo...hay mapapa YES ka nga nman...

Rossel said...

not all men wants to have sex all the time and he's one of them. he's a real gentleman.

ang sweet naman ng proposal nya.

Kero said...

hey, at least he was there in person when he proposed! kidding!

but really, you have a gentleman hubby over there. and he truly, truly loves you!!!

there is nothing wrong with being conservative. and yes i still do believe that marriage should come first before the sex :)

i look forward to more of your romance story :)

my entry is here

chubskulit said...

Matimtimang birhen ka talaga Jen hehehe. I love how he propose hehehe.. Kakakilig to the bones..

John & Rose

anne said...

dito ba ung orchestra na naririnig ko kani kanina lang joke! Nice proposal girl mine is up I hope u can visit

momgen said...

wow i like the proposal thing and pareho sa hubby ko no being together before marriage heehh and i love that idea. Thanks for sharig sa akin din ready for a visit na...TC

Mine is here

Chie Wilks said...

wow...thumbs up to your hubby sis for waiting until you finally give yourself...that's what a real man is.. Each of us really have different love stories...sometimes we are happy, sometimes also we feel sad because of the trials and obstacles in life but life is still wonderful

eds said...

wow so sweet nman ni hubby mo.. I like the proposal ha.. pabulong pero naghuhumiyaw sa tuwa ang iyong heart.. wee!! heres mine >>

jenie said...

lucky you jen;)

i especially need your view on YOUR ESSENCE AS A WOMAN in my ://

hope you visit real soon ;)

Lindz said...

mare kakaiba ang proposal ah, biro mo tulog ka hehehe ayan gising na gising ka na ngayon hehehe... I like your sotry kakaiba talaga... I'll be back tor ead more of that, kakakilig