Nov 6, 2009

outdoor kitchen

I mentioned here few times about our unfinished house in our province and still it’s not done yet.

The house is almost done now and the carpenters doing our kitchen as their final works. My brother who manages the works was suggesting something on our kitchen area where we can do some of future family activities. He suggested to put an outdoor kitchen in our family house. I feel excited of his suggestions and cannot imagine how it looks when it will be finish.

Obviously kitchen is for cooking and my family love to cook and eat. That is one of our favorite hang out together. We used to grill and barbecue before so we wants to have a place where we can still do it in our new house. Grilling or barbecuing is some of our favorite foods.

I asked if possible to put a barbecue islands outside together with our outdoor kitchen. It will not be a problem about it as my brother said because there are different built in bbq grills that they can choose and put in our outside kitchen.

I cannot wait to go home and have fun in our outdoor kitchen together with my family.

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