Nov 27, 2009

my barbie box

I bought another un-useful thing yesterday.

I have few pairs of jewelry and it was just in a small box which I cannot call it jewelry box. Since I still have my birthday money from hubby, I am spending it wisely.As I posted yesterday, I bought new wrest watch and take note it took me long time to buy it and it was sale...hahaha (kuripot ba or nag iisip lang?)...So yesterday was another piece of wants that I bought. I don't really need it but i bought it anyway. I'm not a baby anymore but I love to have some baby stuffs. I bought a Barbie Jewelry box which it's not fit for my age...hahaha. As you can see its very pink and its really for babies...

Happy weekend everyone and enjoy. Take care and God bless


S-H-Y said...

ilan na lahat ang un-useful things mo? ibigay mo nlng ang iba sa akin para ma use ko lol..musta weekend?

Laikka said...

akin nayan tita jen:) heheh.. birthday ko sa thursday!..weeee!

pdkamath said...

Hey, sensible spending.

Wengss said...

hehe barbie jud ha. but anyway nice naman. I can't imagine kung yong jewelry boxes ko are barbie hehe.
I admire and like to see barbie things, kay cute but not buying for myself.
happy sunday.