Nov 2, 2009

Ranking up, PR4

I am blogging quite long time now (more than 10 months) and I’m happy of what I am doing. Despite of I’m not being good when it comes to gramatization, poor English and trying hard to build my own self confidence about this blog world but at least I’m having fun because for some reasons.
First, of course I’m happy because I found some good and true friends here. Even if sometimes there are "some" bloggers who made me angry but still I didn't lost my confidence because I know they was just some out of many...

Second, gossshhh I earn little money and I’m very happy about it. Sometimes I posted “Ad”even if it’s not worth it but I love doing it.

Of course third, I am very happy that I know people here in blog world and I know some of their love stories, family life, as a person and lots more.

Just today, my very good friend dhemz of My life's perceptions and inspiration left message on my message corner telling me I am already PR4. I thought she was joking because when I looked at my PR display on my site, was still PR3 but when I came home I checked it and I found out that I am already PR4. yehheyyyyy....ang saya di ba. This is an advance birthday gift to me. Thanks Mr. Google.

Of course I would like to thanks everyone who always there for me. My very good friend
tejan and my mentor Shy and to all my bloggers friends. Thanks guys for all the support and help...


MaxiVelasco said...

wow Jen!!! congrats. at least kung ano man yung problem mo before, medyo nabawasan ni Mr. Google. good for you. you deserve to have a strong PR! keep it up Jen! hugs!

David Funk said...

Jenny, congrats on your PR moving up to a 4. I do have to agree that now that your birthday is this week, this an early gift for you. It's been a pleasure watching you and your blog grow like it has as well as the friendship, too.

Congrats again my very dear friend!

jenie said...

happy birthday and conrats! double celeb ;)

have a THANK YOU SOMETHING for you

visit back real soon
hope u visit my other blogs too
earthy me

Fe said...

wow congrats jen..wohooo... ang saya saya

Laine said...

Congrats Jen, good for you and you deserve it naman e. me naman tampo na ko kay mr. G di pa rin nya binalik PR ko. huhuhu....anyways CONGRATS again and keep it up.

KOKON9LOVE said...

Wow..... congrats Jenny

Jenny said...

Hello Guys...thank you so much for congratulating me. It's an advance gift and i'm very happy about it..

Happy blogging everyone

Anonymous said...

you deserved it, Jen.. You have a great blog after all. I'm happy for you. Congrats ^^

By the way, don't forget to let me know the date of your birthday, sis.. ^^