Nov 19, 2009

decided to buy

Lately I noticed myself that I am starting to get addicted to jewelry and dresses. As you know guys, my husband gave me cash in my birthday. he gave me cash instead of buying something for me because at least if cash, I can buy whatever I want and he knows that if ever I will buy something for sure I will love and like it.

So yesterday I am trying to find something that I can buy from my gift money. I look different kinds of things. I looked for boots since its winter is approaching, some pair of dresses because I noticed myself that I just wearing t-shirts and jeans almost all the time and maybe I will buy more jewelry. I was in the store and looking for some jewelries and what captured me most are the pair of wedding rings. That rings will be perfect because me and my husband are planning to get married again.

It was the rings that I and my husband really want and love the style. I didn't buy anything because as it's me, I used to think first before purchasing or buying the things. I need it or want it?

As of now I have already decided to buy those things I mentioned above. Those will be some of my collections and some way of investment.

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